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Japanese Personal Income Tax filing for Foreigners living in Japan.

Capital Tax is an experienced Japanese tax return filing service for foreign nationals. We work to assist non-residents and other foreigners living and working in Japan with their personal income tax reporting and filing obligations. We help our clients by providing comprehensive guidance on Japanese tax laws, including at the national, prefecture, and local levels. We can even help those individuals whose knowledge of Japanese is limited meet their annual tax filing obligations.

Our tax professionals have a strong knowledge base in Japanese tax laws and how it interrelates with the tax law of other countries. Capital Tax works to provide tax preparation services that are fast and accurate in order to making your annual reporting obligations as painless as possible.

  • Japan Personal Income Tax Returns.
  • Non-Resident Rental Income Tax Filing
  • Withholding Tax Agent
  • U.S. Expat Income Tax
  • Personal Income Tax Review & Analysis.
  • Tax Planning

For your convenience, Capital Tax provides two options for initiating personal tax services. You can meet face-to-face with a tax expert, or you can simply mail in the required information and we’ll return the completed tax return filing to you by mail.

Call 03-4530-9755 or email us today at for a free quote to file your personal income taxes in Japan by March 15th due date.

Our firm also provides tax filing services for U.S. Expat Tax Returns.

Foreign Residents & Non-Resident Income Tax Returns
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